I’ve reached 30 writing tips so I’m reposting. Please feel free to share any new tips in the comments & if I’ll add w/your name.

Keys to the Universe


Writing tip #35: Does each of your scenes advance the plot, develop the character(s), illustrate your theme or help contribute to suspense? How can you make it do double or triple duty?

Writing tip #34: Even when you’re not feeling the muse, get something on page EVERYDAY.

Writing tip #33: Do you know what your beloved character just would not do? What happens when she does it?

Writing Tip # 32: It isn’t what you, the writer. wants to tell your readers (all that juicy backstory and details floating through your head)….IT’S what the character desperately wants the reader to know.

Writing tip 31: If you are not happy with a scene, figure out why. Does it drive the story forward and/or deepen the character?

Writing tip #30: Be on intimate footing with the elements which create the heart of your story for this is your ‘Throughline’ and it shall…

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