The way

Plowing through a manuscript as its creator can be likened at times as being a babe lost in the woods. It isn’t until the theme, the true heart of the creation has been realized before the forest’s creaky trees and underbrush pull back to show the roadsigns and a clear path.

Sometimes, you could be stunned at how far you traveled on the forest path and not even known it – But more importantly – you can see the random deer paths leading nowhere, even if they lead to beautiful groves and waterfalls.

The wondrous part, a beautiful waterfall or grove isn’t locked down to particular plot of ground. As the creator you can move it up by that forest path. But the important part is that path. And who knows, there could better greater scenery up ahead.

And that is my task at hand.

Picture book

Each picture can be a story. That being said, who can you imagine walking and viewing this sight? A little girl in a red hood…a caravan of medieval merchants… a lone highwayman…a pair of star crossed lovers….an unbeliever looking for something real…a faerie queen on a tour of her kingdom?


The father of logic, a Greek from a whole country of stories which continue to pass through the ages, used syllogisms to show connections and I propose if all pictures are worth a thousand words it makes up a story and stories illicit images…pictures.

What story jumps to mind at the sight of a young handsome youth clutching three golden apples or a road with a rabbit and turtle or one glass slipper on a outside staircase or a girl in her night clothes on a balcony by moonlight?

And I wonder if every story has a picture, if one picture would sum up an individual’s story, would we be able to identify our own. What would it be?

Do these story images come from when decisions are in the offing or decisions have been made or when possibilities are at their highest. Does grabbing the brightest, the most profound picture that touches our hearts and soul and willfully imprint upon it give us an edge to be the best self we can be?

There’s a power in visualization, in believing, in stories. So I say paint your image, hang on to it with both hands and be the best story, the best picture you can be.