Quantum physics in heaven

Of course we who are on the physical plane really can’t know what happens when we die and where we go. But I wonder like so many others do.

It’s been said that in the afterlife we are reunited with loved ones… And our true loves. But what happens for those who love deeply more than once within a lifetime? What happens to those who have experienced marital bliss with more than one spouse? More than one lover? It is said there is no jealousy in heaven. How does that work? Is everything possible?

From what I understand with quantum physics, everything happens at the same time. It is only after it is observed that all possibilities snap into only one.

Could that mean in heaven there is no linear processes? If that is true then all possibilities happen at the same time. It means each soul is with each beloved at the same time. A soul could be chilling out with friends at the same time as taking a romantic walk with a loved one or three, checking in on those left behind in the physical plane as a guardian angel perhaps, sitting alone pondering God, and be nonexistent.

Perhaps our souls choose life on this planet and are born so we have the experience of a linear process. Sort of like one of those books that you read and the story can be different each time by picking another option at a crossroad decision…only our story has billions of crossroads or more. All possibilities until an observer observes.

So who constitutes an observer? Our departed loved ones watching over us? God? Angels? Devils? Ourselves? That which we call to ourselves?

I mention God only because to be the observer would not he/she be interacting with free will? Our greatest and most challenging gift.

If all things are possible can it be true we could fold space and time? Stand before our departed in the spiritual realm before death or millions of light years on another world.

Do we live in a land of observers and observers influence possibilities? Do our perceived limitations become a sel-fulfilling prophecy?

Sometimes I feel if I think too much on it I could pierce the veil and fall off the world.

Where do we go when we die? Living on in memories, of course and in everything. Could we be that which makes up the universe. If all possibilities be endless, is each one of us an infinite burst, a long note in the cosmic choir eternally? We could be subatomic particles which stunned the science world with the trip down the rabbit hole sparking the concept of quantum physics. We could be all and everything or nothing all at the same time. Where do we go? Do we become?

Book pitch – Uriah’s Window

When the boogie-man abducts Aunia’s father and almost destroys their village with demons, the teen-ager needs to discover who her father really is and how to save him. But to do either, she’ll have to travel to a land that wants him dead while avoiding capture herself. It is only after she strips away her family’s secrets by making use of her friendships with gypsies, faeries and pegasi flyers that she discovers what she’s looking for and it comes with a personal understanding of the struggle between duty and passion.