It is truly amazing the wealth of information one can find with the many blogs at our fingertips. And how easy it is to get mired under taking note what works for others.

Then sometimes you stumble over a blog filled with such simple truths you can’t help but feel invigorated.

That was me this morning. I found myself pulling up my manuscript (which I’m currently revising) to see whether I had all this “holy grail” of steps.

Nothing like getting zapped by inspiration in the morning along with a good cup of coffee.

Pixar’s 22 storytelling tips have been cir
Before I jump into my writing day, I’ve taken to skimming blog entries and found this one about agent searching along with 10 legitimate links to find them.

Caren Johnson Estesen

drawing concept

Most large publishing houses won’t consider your work without an agent presenting it to them (there are exceptions to this, e.g. when taking pitches at conferences or opening up imprints that specifically consider non-agented authors). Why won’t they? There are too many writers who shove poorly written books at editors and become indignant, or even angry, when they’re not taken seriously. The agent is responsible for cleaning up projects so that they can be presented in nearly publishable condition. This pushes agents to always be on the lookout for great writing talent. So how does the average writer get their work in front of agents? By knowing where to look for them.

In no particular order:

Publishers Marketplace



Romance Writers of America

Mystery Writers of America

Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America

Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators

Authors Guild

Preditors & Editors

Association of Authors’…

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