What more can…

Across, over, under, through
Directionally challenged
What to do?
Right from left and back again
Is it the same?  Is it the end?

Racing, drifting, breathing, hey
What else is in store today
Under, Over, Through, Across
Here I’m found, tomorrow lost?

Challenge, steady, standing tall
Leaping lizards. Can it fall?
Over, under, across, and through
What more can a person do?

What more can a person do…
I believe it’s up to you.

***So…at this Candlemas or Groundhog’s Day…with its furry Phil, the New World agent for Brigit in Ireland, I plan to write consistently, learn, grow, and become the best me I can be.  I dedicate myself to further development and pledge to be as kind as I can be while maintaining fair but reasonable boundaries.  SMIB – I think; therefore, I am.