Excellent or Horrid Breeze

Papa Tree Moose often says “the biggest difference between an excellent day and a horrid day is what direction your ‘mind-wind’ blows.” Of course, living outdoors might have given him this perspective.

I considered a strong wind might topple a tree –remember where they live, these tree moose– but it also could cause a kite to soar. Have I mentioned tree moose adore retrieving kites from high branches?

I stand by the belief that trying to understand another’s paradigm is helpful, maybe key, to figuring out why they say what they say and I find tree moose to be an interesting species.

They live by “oaks grow from little acorns that try” and “what are birds but songs on wing.”

In the tree moose’s case, I am fairly certain they can’t change their environment… not easily anyway and if you can’t control your outer world, you may consider what you can control.

Based on that I suspect, besides an interesting platitude, this phrase could be another version of “make adversity your friend.” At the least it’s an “up, up and away” when life turns sideways.