Laboring the Story Soul


What is it that makes a writer a writer? Is it the burning desire to tell a story? Is it the burning desire to understand humanity? Is it the burning desire to understand self? Or is it merely a way to escape? (From the burning!)

I would wager to say escaping while perhaps true in the short term would be likened from leaping out of the frying pan… Writing is a lot of work.

Burning desire to tell a story – that’s what I’m to go with. And why do I have a burning desire to tell story? I’m voting that I’m still on the road of self-discovery or I haven’t come to terms with not knowing all the whys.

Do you know why you have a burning desire to tell a story? Or even if you don’t write, what is it about story that attracts you? We humans seem to be hardwired for story.

But my latest path with self-discovery and story is a reformation on things I knew but perhaps more on an unaware deep level.

I could go into all the details of circumstances, mostly external ones, bringing me to an internal epiphany but that would be a novel, at least, in itself.

Let’s just say it’s difficult sometimes giving it your best Pollyanna effort when the world doesn’t feel like it wants to cooperate in the least but I suppose that’s what spotlights true determination or failure,

We are greater than the sum of our parts. How long before we really know, like deep in your bones, know that one.

I would say that is easier to remember when we see it in others. It isn’t always easy when we looking inwards but we get to experience all the turmoil. Put both together (seeing it in others and feeling it your self) and what you have is a protagonist in a story who allows us to travel with – no, become one with him/her/it.

For you writers how do we get there? How do we build/create/spawn this magical transport?

You know this, don’t you?

It has to come from the deepest, most secret, maybe even hidden from yourself place that you possess. It comes from that place you hide from the world. It means you have to be brave and well, more than bare your soul. And that image took me straight to the kitchen with a bowl full of “souls” and the cook busily preparing them for preferential taste for her dinner guests…?

I suppose also being a writer means finding a way to use these weird weird images that come to you.

“Hi. Welcome to the inside my head – yes, it is kind of scary in here. Didn’t mention writers are crazy?”

Anyway, questions to ask to help you create this magical transport:

-Have you ever wondered whether your own life has a theme? what would it be?

– What draws you? Why?

– What is your coping device?

– do you think any of it is because of nurture versus nature? Does it come from someplace else?

Well… I have some crumbs to feed my magical transport so I’m off to my manuscript

Happy Writing! (Or reading) and may the story come off the page.