Baby steps will get you there

An excellent advise piece for all life-overwhelmed writers. It falls within two of the “Wise Girlfriends Coffee Club” sayings: “Walk the walk” and “Even if you can’t take giant strides, take baby steps –you’ll get there.”

Excerpt from Writers Unboxed…

Two Pages a Day

Back in the late 1990s, before I had published my first novel, I had pocketful of literary aspirations and a heart full of dreams. I also had two small children and a budget that precluded the hiring of a baby sitter or nanny. Although I had the idea for a novel rumbling around inside me, I despaired of having the time and emotional space in which to write it. The uninterrupted days, those blissful periods, kind of like swoons or trances, when I could sink deep into my work and not emerge for hours, were like a mirage from another time; I could not imagine having them back until the youngest child was eighteen and off to college.
My reaction to these restrictions ranged from brooding resentment to Zen-like acceptance. But neither strategy was particular helpful. And I certainly wasn’t getting any work done. Then I had an epiphany: I would not tell myself I was writing a novel, a concept that made me feel like an ant balancing a grapefruit on its back. No, I broke down the task at hand into much more manageable chunks or bits. I told myself that I was writing a scene. A conversation. A description. And I gave myself a small, manageable goal: two pages a day, five days a week.

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